How to Get Rid of man Boobs? with Types and Treatment

There are some things are very important in the life that are best enjoyed without shirt such as sunbathing by the pool, charging into battle on horseback. Sadly, there is Man boobs or “Moobs”, medically termed as gynecomastia is cruel affliction hellbent on depriving men of these simple pleasure.

Gynecomastia is growth of male breast glandular tissue due to an increase of estrogen, decrease in testosterone and also caused by the frequent use of plenty of medications usually.

In fact a man boobs sound like very funny and something to chuckle at, and some of the guys with the moobs are feel very conscious about their physical appearance. But there are more than 30 percent guys who suffering with man boobs so that is no laughing thing.

In this article we will focus on all of man boobs types, causes and potential treatments.

Types of man boobs

There are also some kinds of man boobs. Generally some are

  1. Gynecomastia
  2. Pseudogynecomastia


This is a type in which the excessive growth of breast in the because of a high level of estrogen a female hormone. Man with larger breast have the abnormal amount of estrogen in gynecomastia.

Although there is a certain amount of female hormone estrogen found in men and that is normal. In gynecomastia we are talking about the abnormal amount of that female hormone.

There are another lot of factors that causes gynecomastia such as use of numerous medications and it can cause by genetic disorder also.


This is second type of man boobs. Pseudocomastia occur due to pectoral fat that ism build up behind the nipple or areola and also around the areola.

If you are overweight and have a lot of body fat then you will definite have the chest fat as your chest and abdomen are two most feeble areas for fat deposit.

An overweight man surely have the breast fat. This fat produce an enzyme which is called aromatase that converts the male hormone testosterone into the female hormone estrogen which causes enhancement in the breast.

This type of man boobs which is caused by fat is called the fake gynecomastia or pseudogynecomastia.

What causes the man boobs?

There are plenty of factors that causes man boobs such as high estrogen level, low testosterone level, fat and low metabolism. But there are other conditions also that causes gynecomastia and pseudogynecomastia.

Let’s examine these causes and their treatments.

Anti-Hair loss drugs

You know about finasteride? A hair loss drug that have man boobs as its side effect. This drug is so strongly linked to gynecomastia.

Anti-hair loss drugs make a massive decrease in the conversion of testosterone hormone such as dihydrotestosterone DHT, that really having anti-testosterone effect that cause man boobs.

It is clear that the man boobs can be a side effect of plenty of medications. Nevertheless the cause and effect relationship is not always same.

Use of steroids

Testosterone treatment in illegal way can also cause the man boobs. Anabolic steroids is one of them. Some times this is not good for the estrogen converted into testosterone but also increase the growth of breast in men.

While taking steroids to block the conversion of testosterone into estrogen is totally not a good idea.

Although we cannot completely block the estrogen as it is still so important for the men sexual health, cut fat in the men and for bone health. So we can’t block the estrogen and can’t use steroids for the testosterone treatment.


Age also can be a cause of man boobs. Your breast tissue can be swell as you get age. The older people mostly seen with man boobs. That is occur because older men are flagging with their testosterone level.

But this not a laughing thing, this is normal and harmless


The matter even get worse when someone with man boobs taking a poor diet. Poor diet not only increase the fat but also produce a hormonal imbalance.

Often fat choosing chest area to appear. In this case Obesity becomes a reason to get gynecomastia.

Bad eating habits increase the fat and also effect the hormone such as leptin which is responsible the production of testosterone.

Alcohol consumption

Alcohol consumption is not a good thing but excessive alcohol consumption is really bad and causes weight gain which lead man boobs.

Hoppy beers can also increase the estrogen level and stimulate the growth of breast tissues.

Drinking too much even the good stuff can lead gynecomastia and increases the fat so avoid the drinking if you that might be really helpful to get rid of man boobs.

How to get rid of man boobs

There is lot of ways and a positive living style can take to banish unwanted man boobs.

It is always a good idea before any do so, before any starting workout or taking a diet you should consult your doctor. Let him/her know your idea and goal and get approval for the safety of the use.

However there is some steps to take to get rid of man boobs.

Get a good diet

As you really want to get rid of man boobs by losing weight you must adopt the good diet such as low carb diet.

By taking carb you get control of high amount of sugar if you are a diabetic patient and you will cut off excessive fat with lean meats. Fruits and vegetables are also good for your aim.

Finally, with the help of a good diet and balanced calories consuming not only good for the fat off but also a massive decrease in man boobs.


If you are not good in the shape to begun with a low impact regime as the sweating regularly can be the key factor to get rid of man boobs.

You should go for the swimming or elliptical exercises. You should move onto a daily workout routine to get your pulse racing and your body and mind in tune for an active living style.

The daily exercise routine not only specifically target your chest fat but it will tone your upper body amazingly. You should start with a free weight course that will be very helpful for the balancing muscle and convert your remainder into your bosoms.


Mastectomy is little bit expensive but really effective therapy to get rid of man boobs. The operation is so simple and real quick.

A significant reduce in the man boobs can occur by the mastectomy with a short recovery time. It is really popular among the man those are looking for a quick fix.

However with these good stuff the procedure has the risk of infection too unfortunately.

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