How to get thicker hair – 5 easy remedies for growing thick and luscious hair

Hairs are an asset for the nice appearance and everyone wants to get thick hair. Unfortunately hair thinning and baldness becomes more common in this era. There are so many reasons of hair thinning and baldness. How to get thicker hair, everyone wants to know as this is so important for personal appearance and for grooming personality.

In this article we will discuss all hair related issues specially the reasons of thinning hair and how to get thick hair.

Causes of hair thinning:

Heredity is most common cause of hair thinning it can be in male and female both. It is a natural condition not a disease caused by some genetics effects and hormones level. Aging process might also effect the hair growth and with passage of time hair becomes thin.

Too much emotional stress and physical stress can also cause hair loss and hair thinning. A study claims that one of the major symptoms of anxiety is hair loss. If you are in stress for as long time your hair will definitely fall out. In most of cases the control of hair fall and hair thinning becomes more difficult.

The other serious cause of hair issue is our diet that how much nutrient we absorbing by our diet. Proper digestive system is necessary for the general health as well as hair health. When we absorb more nutrient and healthy diet we will get luscious hairs. There might nutrient deficiencies occur due to poor diet plan, totally not well for hair thickness.

Here are some natural ways to do for thicker hair

How to get thicker hair with castor oil:

Castor oil massage is best way for getting thicker hair. It has the properties which protect the hair fall and promote hair growth. This oil has antifungal and antibacterial properties naturally. Fatty acid such as omega 6, omega 9 and vitamin E are also found in castor oil that helps to promote hair growth and for healthy scalp.

Massage castor oil before going to the bed that stimulate the hair growth because ricinoleic acid which is founds in castor oil improves blood circulation in the scalp that is helpful for hair growth and keep hairs thick. You can also use castor oil with coconut oil or jajoba oil for hair thickness and moisturizing scalp. Use castor oil two times at least in a weak.

Rich nutrient diet:

Nutrient rich diet can be very helpful for hair health and hair thickness becomes very easy with this type of diet which contains a range of vitamin, protein and healthy fatty acids.

Experts recommend the following foods to add in diet to get thicker hair

  • Eggs rich in omega 3, iron and protein
  • Yogurt which contain protein
  • Nuts and seeds rich in fatty acid
  • Avocado which contain fat
  • Beans which contain protein

You should add all the above or one or two servings in your regular diet. Even one or two servings might be enough to promote hair growth and how to get thicker hair can be satisfied.


Eggs have high amount of protein which are essential for hair thickness and hair growth. With the regular use of eggs you can get thicker and strong hair.

Use in this way

  • First of all beat at least two eggs together
  • Simply apply the mixture onto your scalp
  • Leave it for half an hour
  • Shampoo your scalp with warm water thoroughly

You can use also olive with the egg in the same way for alternate method. Simply add two tablespoon olive oil into eggs and then apply onto scalp and leave it for dry. After at least 15 minutes rinse scalp with mild shampoo.

Use Avocados:

Avocado is a great moisturizer and can also be use as an antioxidant because it is rich in vitamin E. An avocado rub is a best remedy for hair thickness and hair growth. Apply avocado rub more than two times in a weak. For avocado rub you should use olive oil for better result

  • Mix an avocado with one and half tablespoon olive oil
  • Apply this typical mixture to scalp
  • Leave it for at least 30 minutes
  • Wash the scalp with mild shampoo

So you should use avocado rub two times in a weak and also add this beneficial fruit in your diet for thicker hair.

Olive oil:

Olive oil is nutrient rich oil which has many of health benefits. For example olive oil has monosaturated fats helpful in the treatment of type 2 diabetes. It can protect against the disease like Depression, colon cancer, skin cancer, heart attack, abnormal blood pressure, obesity as well as you can use it for damaged hair to get thicker and healthy hair with its regular use. Olive oil has the ability to repair the damaged hair and moisturize the frizzy and dry hair.

how to get thicker hair – here is a super natural remedy of olive oil for thicker hair

  • Heat a little bit the olive oil at normal temperature
  • Massage into scalp and hair with warm oil
  • Let it for 45 minutes
  • After 45 minutes rinse the hair with mild shampoo

You can also add honey with olive oil and massage into scalp and let it overnight. This is a really effective remedy for thicker hair.

Use Aloe vera:

Aloe vera is used frequently to stimulate the hair growth as it has the ability to enhance the blood circulation in scalp. It has proteolytic enzymes which fight against the dead skin cells and able to repair them on the scalp. Dry skin, fungal infection and irritation can be cured by applying aloe vera gel on the scalp.

Its antimicrobial and antifungal properties fight against the fungal infection and also prevent the dandruff. Though aloe vera moisturize the skin and hair, regular use of aloe vera gel can helpful for shiny and thicker hair.

how to get thicker hair ,you can rub the aloe vera gel directly to the scalp and leave it for thirty minutes then rinse it thoroughly.  Use this gel two times in a week will gives you strong thicker and strong hair.

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