Amazing Benefits of green tea everyone should know

Tea is second consumed drink in the world after the water. Green tea is a very delicious kind of tea. You probably heard a lot about the health benefits of green tea, no doubt green tea is an effective beverage on the planet.

Green tea is fully loaded with powerful antioxidants properties that have really powerful effect on our body. Not only antioxidants but it has nutrients also that are essential for our body.

There are impressive impact even really good benefits of green tea including prevent from plenty of cancer risk, magnificent for the fat loss and good to prevent the brain from Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson disease.

It is an anti-aging beverage considered by many studies.
See below the evidence based health benefits of green tea that will motivate you to drink green tea for the vitality of your health.

Green tea improves the brain function

Green tea is not only helpful for the general health but it can make you smarter also. There is caffeine an active ingredient that is stimulate the brain functions.

Adenosine an inhibitory neurotransmitter can be blocked by caffeine. This increase the function of neurons and concentration of neurotransmitter such as norepinephrine and dopamine.

Not only caffeine but green tea has a lot of other amino acids, one of them is L-theanine which is responsible to cross the blood brain barrier.

The functions of inhibitory neurotransmitter can be increase by the L-theanine which is an important anti-anxiety factor. Although it helps to produce alpha waves in the brain.A recent study believes that caffeine has synergistic effects especially when combines with L-theanine stimulate the brain function very well.

Green tea improves heart health

Green tea has the flavan-3-ols and anthocyanidin antioxidants that are really helpful in the treatment of cardiovascular disease and for metabolic health. This type of antioxidants improves the heart health.

Some evidence shows that green tea preventing high blood pressure level and cholesterol level that prevents many heart disease risk. A recent study shows green tea contains seven calcium channel blockers, sixteen diuretic compounds and beta blocking compounds.

Due to ACE-inhibiting properties green tea help to manage the blood pressure by increasing the amount of blood heart pumps. Green tea protects the LDL particles, which is one of the pathway towards the cardiovascular diseases.

Green tea lowers the risk of diabetes

Diabetes is a life is a life threatening disease and in the few decades it approaches to epidemic proportions as it afflicts the 400 million people worldwide.
Green tea apparently helps to slowing the rise of high blood sugar level and can prevent type 2 diabetes. It can helps to prevent high insulin spike.

A Korean study recently shows one can drink green tea can lower the risk of developing type 2 diabetes up to 33 percent. Finally by eating green tea you can lower the risk of becoming the diabetic.

Green tea lower the risk of obesity and helps to weight lose

Green tea promote the metabolic rate that can stimulate the weight loss and preventing obesity in a very short term. A Japanese study on individuals who drink green tea are able to decrease in the body fat especially in the abdominal area.

In a 14 week randomized controlled trial in 300 men and women, the study shows the green tea drinker has massive decrease the percentage of the body fat, belly fat, body weight and waist circumference.
However the green tea can be the great source of the decrease in the body weight and you should take this with a grain of salt.

Green tea lowers the risk of infection

Many of studies shows that the green tea lowers the risk of infection by killing the bacteria and inhibit viruses, one of them is influenza virus.

Researches believes that the catechins in the green tea can stop disturb the growth of Streptococcus mutans, a harmful bacteria in the mouth which is responsible of plaque formation. Not only form plaque but it is a contributor to tooth decay and cavities.
Fortunately bad breath can also decreases and potentially fresh breath is obtained by the green tea.

Green tea lowers the risk of some types of cancers

Cancer is one of the world’s leading cause of death it is formed by the uncontrolled growth of cells. Green tea’s antioxidants properties can protect the development of cancer as the cancer causes by oxidative damage also.
Drinking green tea regularly can protect you from the following types of cancers

• Prostate cancer
• Breast cancer
• Colorectal cancer

Many of studies believes that one can drink green tea one or two time in a day had lower 45% the risk of developing prostate cancer. One of most common type of cancer in the men.

Women who drink green tea had lower 30% the risk of developing breast cancer. Drink green tea without milk and sugar and feel light and active. It might be bad idea to put milk in the tea as it decreases its antioxidants properties by a recent study.

Green tea help to live long

The inevitable thing is that we all have to die eventually. But by the drinking green tea you can lower the risk of diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases which can lead to live long.

A Japanese study of more than forty thousand adults has shocking results regarding benefits of green tea. Study shows who drank the most green tea can be able to less likely die early, significantly in the period of an 11 years.

Death causes by cardiovascular diseases can be lower 32% in the women and the 22 % in the men. Moreover death causes by cancer can also be lower 24% lower in women and 13% in the men.
So benefits of green tea are infinite regarding metabolic health and prevents from some of types of cancers.

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