Best 9 Foods Good For Liver Health Everyone Must Know

Liver is an important organ of our body and in the production of bile, liver plays a key role. Bile is responsible to aids in digestion and breaks down the toxin from the body and also very helpful in breakage of fats.

Poor diet harms your liver and effects on its functioning. Every food effects on liver as passes through it in some form. you should adopt best foods good for liver health plan.

Eating too much processed food or fried food can be dangerous for liver health. Due to unhealthy diet and environmental stress liver becomes overloaded. When liver taxed or overworked it cannot work efficiently for toxin process and fat.

We can enhance liver functioning by choosing such foods that have ability of stimulating and cleansing liver and expel toxic waste from the body. Following are some foods good for liver health and also very helpful in the liver cleansing

Fatty fish:

Fatty fish is a good source of omega3 fatty acids which are healthy fats. These fatty acids are very helpful in the reducing the inflammation and also reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases or heart stroke.

foods good for liver

Fatty fish is necessary for liver health as they contain healthy fats keeping enzymes level normal and bring down the inflammation. So add fatty fish in foods good for liver health chart.

While taking omega 3 fatty acids you should be aware of amount of omega 6 fatty acids intake. Getting more omega 6-fat harms the liver health and lead to liver diseases.

Therefore the ratio between omega3 fatty acids and omega6 fatty acids is important while adding only omega3 fatty acids in your diet is also might not more effective.


There are many foods good for liver health but garlic is most important. No doubt garlic is healthiest spices on the planet. It has bundle of health regarding benefits like reducing the risk of heart attack, prevent from cancer, treats colds and infection, helpful for diabetes and also used for getting hair back naturally.

foods good for liver

In addition, garlic also improves liver health while balanced the enzymes level and also boost these enzymes that responsible to flush out toxins.

Olive oil:

Olive oil is important for metabolic health as it has so many health benefits. Several studies show olive oil is helpful in the treatment of type 2 diabetes and reduces inflammation. In addition olive oil is used for skin cancer treatment as well as colon cancer. A Spanish scientist study shows that getting more olive oil in your reduce the risk of colon cancer.

foods good for liver

Damaged hair can also improved by the use of olive oil. It keeps bones healthy as it helps to higher level of calcium during the later years while developing osteoporosis. Due to olive oil’s high nutrient properties it can make easier to lose weight.

Always follows a balanced diet that is rich in olive can helps to reduce the stress and hypertension and keeps blood pressure level normal. This oil has antioxidant properties that might helpful to reduce the heart aging process and also prevent from red blood cells damage.

However olive oil has liver health benefits also and a member of foods good for liver health family. A recent small study on the Non-alcoholic liver disease shows that the people taking olive oil on daily basis are able to get higher liver enzymes and fat level.

Lower fat accumulation in the liver is important because fat accumulation in the liver can be a disease of liver for early stages. Olive oil helps to lower the fat accumulation as well as improves the insulin sensitivity.

Consuming more olive oil can boost the blood flow level in the liver enzymes as it is stated in many of recent studies. So add olive oil in your daily diet for liver health


Grapefruit is rich in many of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Vitamins like vitamin A, C and vitamin B6 and minerals such as magnesium, potassium, copper and calcium found in grapefruit which are essential for metabolic health.

AMPK is an enzyme activated by grapefruit which is helpful for weight loss and for metabolism. Vitamin c found in grapefruit which produce collagen for our skin essential for slow down the aging process.

Foods good for liver

Several researches shown that consuming higher amount of flavonoids reduce the risk of ischemic stroke. flavanoids are a group of compounds founds in grapefruit.

Grapefruit is good for liver also as it has higher antioxidant properties which protect liver.  Naringenin and limanin two powerful antioxidants are found in grapefruit which protect the body from several cancers including colon, breast and stomach.

Furthermore several studies also states that the chronic inflammation can also decreases by the grapefruit as it is protect the development of  hepatic fibrosis. Hepatic fibrosis is disease of liver in which so many connective tissues are build up and harms the liver

Finally grapefruit increase the amount of enzymes which are helpful in fat burning and decreases the fat by the help of antioxidant naringenin. So add grapefruit in list of foods good for liver health as it plays an important role for keeping liver healthy.


Coffee has higher values of antioxidants, which can void the free radicals which harm the cells and produce naturally in the body.  An antioxidant known as glutathione is produced by coffee can the decrease inflammation.


Drinking coffee daily might lower the risk prostate cancer and endometrial cancer. It can protect against Type 2 diabetes however coffee has positive effect on liver as well. Coffee is used to reduce the production of fat and collagen which are responsible for many liver diseases.

The death risk of people with chronic liver diseases can also be decreased by drinking coffee 4 to 5 cups daily, not less than three recommended. A recent study shows that the coffee can protect against cirrhosis which damaged the liver.

Nuts and seeds:

Vitamin E a natural antioxidant and fat soluble vitamin is founds in seeds like sunflower seed, almond, peanut and hazelnut. Nonetheless vitamin E boosts the immune system as it contains unsaturated fat. Other nutrients are also found in nuts which are important for metabolic health.

foods good for liver

An observation on more than 100 people with NAFLD result consumption more nuts and seeds improves the liver enzymes. On the other hand consuming lower amount of nuts and seeds can higher the risk of many liver diseases.

Fruits and Vegetables:

Vitamin rich foods including guava, red peppers, oranges, kale, kiwi, green peppers, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, grapefruit and strawberries. All these have antioxidant properties that are fights against free radicals. A study shows that liver is an only organ in our body that can replace the damaged cells with new ones.

foods good for liver

One of these veggies Broccoli is an important part and fight against non alcoholic fatty liver disease. Add broccoli in your diet with garlic or make a splash.

All the veggies are able to cleanse the liver and if you use lemon juice mixed with water in the morning can cleans the liver as well as kidney and the digestive system

Green Tea:

Green tea detoxify the liver and has so many positive effects on health as well as liver health and be a part of our best foods good for liver health. Drinking green tea regularly can protect the cold symptoms.  A recent research issues a report that green tea is helpful for weight loss and hair growth.

foods good for liver

A small study on the non alcoholic fatty liver disease also states that green tea is helpful for those people who suffering with this disease. You can reduce liver fat and improve liver enzymes level by drinking green tea for more than 10 weeks or 12 weeks regularly.

Furthermore, green and black tea reversed many of damaging effects of high fat diet on the body especially on the liver. You can use green tea extract as a supplement but there will be exercise caution for you if you are a patient of liver disease.


Many of studies on animals and human beings state that the grapes are useful to increase the antioxidant level in the body. A smaller study has also similar results that grapes can reduce the inflammation.

foods good for liver

The patient of non alcoholic fatty liver disease can also improve their liver functioning by the grape seed extract.

A research in human also shows the similar results that patient of NAFLD can increase the liver enzymes level by consuming grean tea . Finally you can improve the liver function by consuming green tea for three months

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