Best fruit juice for weight loss proven fast way

Looking for weight loss? Or flat stomach and why not everyone wishes to be healthy and smart. We’re extracted a best fruit juice for weight loss. Juices are absorbed more minerals than raw food, states in a study while Juices are helpful in many health regarding issues.

The consumption of micronutrient and phytonutrients can be increased by drinking juices. Micro nutrients and phytonutrients are tow protective compounds that are responsible of strengthen the immune system and treatment of chronic diseases.

Everyone knows the high consumption of vegetables and fruits can decreases the risk of heart stroke, unbalanced blood pressure and in many cases helpful in the treatment of cancer too.

In the production, juices extract by using high speed blender that blends raw foods and retain most of fiber. Fiber helps in slow releasing of nutrient in bloodstream that combat to calories and cause more loss of pounds. It can manage your daily calories intake as well as blood sugar level.

You can also release your stress by fiber because of its spikes preventing properties that are a main cause that affects mood and energy.  Here are two main ingredients, cucumber and ginger for our best fruit juice for weight loss


Ginger has been helpful for health from ancient time, many of Chinese philosophers found its healing powers. Ginger is a most recommended source of vitamin A, C and E and minerals such as phosphorus, sodium, calcium, zinc, iron and beta-carotene. It becomes healthiest spices on the planet due to its high medicinal and therapeutic properties.

Cucumber has fiber and water almost 96 percent. Cucumber is also used for your skin because of its sun protection qualities. You can get glowing skin healthy nails and strong hair with the help of silica the key mineral found in cucumber.

Heartburn can also decreases by the use of cucumber. Regular use of cucumber is not only helpful in heartburn but also in dissolving kidney stone very easily.

Ingredients of best fruit juice for weight loss are

  • Cucumber
  • Ginger
  • Lemon
  • Mint leaves

Cucumber brings relief for unbalanced blood pressure. The patients suffering with blood pressure problem even high or low add cucumber in their diet that will helpful.  Cheerfully it is very useful in reducing puffiness and eye bag

Juicing benefits of cucumber and ginger:

Mixing together ginger and cucumber and extracted juice from them becomes more powerful in the calories burn.  All nutrients in ginger and cucumber juice make it a powerful enemy of muscle pain and joint pain. Kidney health is also improve by this particular juice as cucumber lower the uric acid level in the body that’s keep kidney more healthier.

No one can deny the cucumber’s benefits in the insulin production mixing with ginger it becomes a useful spices for lower the blood sugar level.

When going for weight loss ginger with cucumber helps the digestion system and make the stomach flat furthermore combines with lime and mint leaves its juice makes digestion process more easy for the food you intake. It stimulates fresh gums in mouth and production of saliva which is responsible for the aids in digestion system.

What is needed to make best fruit juice for weight loss:

  • Two tablespoon of Ginger (grated)
  • One cucumber
  • Ten mint leaves
  • One lemon
  • Two liters of water

How to make it:

  • Nothing is complicated it is so simple first of all get the infusion of mint leaves. Boils mint leaves by putting ten mint leaves into a cup of water. Once it boils saved it.
  • Now peel the cucumber and get juice of it in the blender. Get and mix with mint infusion.
  • Third step to do is squeezing lemon for getting the lemon juice once it obtained add to mixture of cucumber juice and mint infusion.
  • Get one and half liter of water and pour it into a glass with your prepared juice of cucumber, lemon and mint infusion then mix them properly.
  • Now add two tablespoon of grated ginger and three lemon zest with mixture and your best fruit juice for weight loss is ready.

Now you can drink this throughout the day as it is 2 liter in the quantity. We recommend this delicious to drink after every meal .Furthermore for the best result use it throughout the day regularly and adopt a low carb diet plan and proper exercise daily then you will get flat stomach in no time.

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