How To Look Younger: 10 Best Anti Aging Tips

How to look younger? This is a question which everyone wants to ask. Aging is a natural process for both men and women but it is not always pleasant. If you are one of them those are worried about their old-looking then not to worry because you are not alone. There are lot of things you can do look younger again without any costly surgery. Just take best care of your skin and make a change in your hair style.

Followings are 10 helpful tips for your younger looking skin

Take Care of Your Skin:

Skin is a largest organ of our body that shows the sign of aging than all other parts. You can boost your younger looking skin by enhancing the antioxidant level in your body by taking multivitamins supplements or diet. Adequate level of vitamins such as vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin C in your body can maintain the antioxidant level.

These powerful vitamins not only prevent you against aging but also reduce the chances of skin cancer. While working as natural sunscreen these vitamins are helpful to reduce the harmful effects of UV rays that cause skin cancer. Broad spectrum sunscreen is already recommended by many of dermatologist for the skin care against UV rays.

Other method for skin care can also be applied such as you should use gentle facial cleanser regularly. Using a gentle facial cleanser is important than a harsh one, aging skin doesn’t need too harsh cleanser.

Do yoga:

Yoga is combination of mind and body workout. It gives energy, stress release, flexibility great posture. Through regular yoga breathing one can get awareness of connections between mind and body which is a major anti aging factor.

Yoga breathing is helpful for radiant skin, ridding them of toxin, prevent illness and oxygenate the cells. This mind and body workout designed your body not only outside but also inside which helps to boost immune system, digestive system as well as reproductive system.

A recent study shows yoga and other mind-body activities are helpful for looking younger because it has so many anti aging advantages. Practice yoga at least two times in a weak that will helps to build bone mass, less stress and energy boosts.

Drink green tea:

Green tea has a rich amount of L-theanine and amino acid which works with caffeine to improve the brain functioning. A recent study found that green tea is helpful for reducing the risk of breast cancer, lower the risk of developing the colon cancer and prostate cancer. More ever many researches indicates that green tea is helpful for in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

A professor of biochemistry at Tufts and principle investigator of cancer study Amy Yee, PhD said “Green tea is an amazing compound in terms of blocking the signaling network that is linked with the progression of cancer”.

Green tea is also a weight management agent because it is considered as rev up the metabolism. An Asian study published last year says that a cup of green tea daily sharps your mind as you get older. When your mind is fresh and you feel better you will definitely looks fresh and younger.

Drink green tea two or three cups daily for health benefits and younger looking skin.

Maintain healthy teeth:

Healthy teeth are most important for younger looking and they improve immediately anti aging effects. You have to extra care of your teeth and if you are suffering with problems like decay, stained teeth, wonky teeth you should adopt a whitening product or a better tooth paste which might also effective. You can also consult your dentist for advice beforehand.

You should have a better tooth care routine and brushing and flossing your teeth regularly. Teeth are only part of our body that can give away your real age than all other body parts. Healthy teeth are not only helpful for younger looking skin but also prevents from the gum disease and reduces the risk of tooth lost.

Finally make sure the regular cleansing, brushing and flossing of your teeth.

Do exercises:

Although exercise might difficult for some people those are busy and not have enough time for that but a little but regularly amount of exercise can keeps you too fit. Exercise helps to maintain the healthy body and even small amount can helps to boost the immunity as well as gives us more energy.

If you want to look younger then add exercise with a healthy well balanced diet that will helps you to look younger and feel younger too. It will fight against the diseases that add year onto your look.

People worried about older looking make sure exercise thirty minutes daily if you not exercise into your daily routine, aim to walk as much as you can. You should walk twenty to thirty minutes daily and two to three hours in a week. Walk when talking to your friends on the phone call or walk to grocery store instead of driving.

Get enough sleep:

You should get adequate sleep that will helps to keeps heart healthy, mind fresh and maintain weight that will help to reduce years on your appearance. Sleeping less can cause many fatal diseases and health risk might be true because of sleeping loss.

Work over work and less rest found a connection between insufficient sleep and some major health diseases like heart attack, diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Poor sleep can affects hormones and the people those are adequate sleep can eat some calories more easily than those are not.

Nevertheless getting at least 8 hours of sleep every night is helpful for immune system and reducing the symptoms of common cold as well as helpful for looking younger.

Eat fish:

Fishes those have rich amount of dimethylaminoethanol such as oily fish and salmon are helpful to boost the muscle tone. Oily fish have some compounds which are used as a most expensive skin cream that have also anti aging effects.

Fatty fish may control the damage from the sun exposure and inflammation. Combine with collagen the astaxanthin which is found in fatty fish can improves the skin elasticity and hydration.

So add salmon and oily fishes in your diet and feel younger than ever. You should eat oily fishes at least two times in a week. How to look younger is might not a problem with the use of fish.

Eat fruits:

Grapes, berries and plums have anti aging effects. Some recent researches indicates that papaya can be used in the treatment of wrinkles and nourish the skin also because it has vitamin E, A and C.

Avocado has also same benefits. More ever avocado has a compound glutathione which is helpful in the anti aging process. This fruit is rich in vitamin E, B complex both have the nourishing properties and potassium that is also found in avocado can helps in moisturizing and hydrating.

Tomato can also use for this purpose because of it contain high lycopene content. A recent research indicates that women those are ate more of lycopene rich foods can be able to measureable decrease in wrinkles depth in very short time. You should cock tomato with high and healthy fat such as olive oil can boosts the absorption of lypcopene in the body.


Flaxseeds can be used in many health regarding issues because they contain lignans which can decrease the amount of cholesterol in the body.  It can protect you from the prostate cancer and reduces the blood sugar level and insulin level also. Risk of breast cancer can also decreased by the use of flaxseeds.

For smoother skin and hydration you can use flaxseeds as a study shows women consuming high flaxseeds or flaxseeds oil can get smoother skin and more hydration. Flaxseeds has adequate amount of omega 3 which protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation of sun and controlled the damage. Skin becomes very younger and smoother with regular use of flaxseeds.

Take supplements:

How to look younger, this question can be solved by taking supplements.In certain health condition or if your diet is lacking, you can take supplements to fulfill the body requirements of minerals, vitamins and nutrients.

There are so many supplements such as vitamin E supplements can be helpful for anti aging and immunity because of its antioxidants properties. Vitamin A supplements also use as an anti aging supplements.

A research shows that fern extract supplements is a proven UVA protector and significantly reduces the wrinkle and skin damaged.

Hair thinning is a major problem for many people and anemia is a cause of hair thinning. Vitamin c supplement can improve the hair health especially paired with iron supplements can save your hair. Iron deficiency cause the reduction in red blood cells which cause anemia. So add iron in diet or take iron supplements for the growth of hair follicles.

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