How To Get Rid Of Acne

Acne treatment becomes so easy when we are well-being of it.Acne is a skin condition or a disorder of the skin that cause pimples on nowhere especially on the face, neck, shoulder and some cases on the upper side of the back. It might be painful or not but so irritating for the young guys   acne is not a problem of Americans which are suffered with acne 50 millions annually, but this becomes outbreak for world. There is many of causes of acne and the many types also and good news is that the treatments are also many. We are here for the acne treatment in faster way. Let’s start with the causes of it

Factors that Causes acne

So many factors that cause acne some underlying is listed below.

Hormonal imbalance

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Puberty is the favorite time period for acne to attack. Many of young girls and boys get acne prone skin due to changes in their hormones and these hormones produce oil gland on the skin that clog the pores on the face which are get worsen overtime. Hormonal change in the women during their menstrual cycle and pregnancy also cause acne.

Stress and anxiety

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If you are so anxious, this is dangerous for your skin because the stress hormone produce sebum that is an oily substance which mix with dead cell and clog the hair follicles that cause acne cysts. This is fact that acne cause anxiety and anxiety cause acne these two have relation like thunder and lightning


infalamation causes acne

Inflammation is physical condition in which part of the body reddened, swollen, hot and often painful. It create red bumps on the face usually pustules. This type of the skin not necessarily occur by reaction to injury or infection, it arises on its own.

Bacteria infection

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Acne can be developed by the effect of the bacteria. Oil gland also called sebaceous gland clog the pores and leading the dead skin cell, bacteria precipitate and then combat to it and produce white centered pimples this type of acne usually called propionibacterium acne.

Poor Diet

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Always eat healthy food because some foods can also cause acne. As we are not in the favor of eliminating your favorite foods from your diet however reduce eating too much sweet might a cause of your acne, in some cases bread , chips , chocolate , milk , ice cream , soda and pizza also founded cause acne in many researches

 Types of acne

By the result of all above factors like inflammation, bacteria, stress and hormonal imbalance causes several types of acne like

  • Whitehead
  • Blackhead
  • cysts
  • pastules
  • nodules


Acne treatment at home

Pimples that cling on your face are very wayward but here we are here with their solution, in the beginning the acne is condonable at the home very easily by washing face with mild soap twice daily or with castile soap. Take away your hair from your face and shampooing them regularly. Not squeezing and picking your pimples it will worsen. In the makeup we recommend to use water-based makeup for the betterment of your skin. Keeping in notice that how much oil is producing on your face, avoid to excessive oil production by good cleansing. Moisturize acne prone skin and avoid to touching the face again and again. You can eat more of vitamin c rich food to prevent from sun


Medical treatment

There are many of products use for treatment of acne. For best medical treatment meet your dermatologist who examined your skin type then you will treat pimples properly but generally we are suggest you some of products

Acne treatment with benzoyl peroxide

In market there is several creams and gels of benzoyl peroxide are available it   will help to prevent pores becoming clogged and this is good to stop bacteria from growing and causing acne. Benzoyl peroxide works regularly but taking some time to produce result you will get visible result in 6 to 8 weeks of regular use and if after use of 10 weeks they don’t work then stop using and consult with your dermatologist

 Acne treatment with Salicylic acid

Salicylic acid is best remedy for the blackheads. Salicylic acid is very helpful to unclog the pores and fight against the bacteria that cause acne. Many of dermatologist said that is not true but recent researches shows that it will help to fight bacteria, although most commonly salicylic acid is known as to resolve and prevent lesions might not much effect on the production sebum. We are suggested salicylic acid for the treatment of blackhead and whitehead.

Omega 3 fatty acid

Omega 3 fatty acid is found in fish oil and very helpful in cardiovascular dieses , mental health and some researches shows that it is helpful for acne treatment too because it has anti-inflammatory effects that are helpful to reduce red bump.  As Inflammation is the one of the main factor of developing acne that’s why omega 3 fatty acid is potential for clear up skin like crystal. After taking fish oil supplements for some time period researches found decrease in acne lesions


Some of antibiotics like clindamycin, doxycycline, erythromycin and many of other are used in bacterial infection. Antibiotics are used to kill the bacteria it can be taking by mouth and can also put directly on the acne, in both ways helpful for reduce effect of bacteria on your skin. Although orally taking antibiotics are kill bacteria inside pores. Antibiotics work for bacteria as well as reducing inflammation. We recommend doxycycline, erythromycin and tetracycline for the treatment of acne


13-cis-retinoic or isotretinoin is used in severe acne. When all other medicine are failed to prevent you from acne then it will helpful for you. Isotretinoin has the ability to control the oil production, that’s why this is most efficacious treatment for acne. With isotretinoin you will get permanently clear skin however meet your dermatologist for the dosage and possible side effects.


It is a drug often use for liver scaring, in some cases for kidney disease also but we are here looking for acne only. Spironolactone is very effective to block androgen, hormone leading acne for women in their menstrual period. It is also used to sebum control. Spironolactone is very safe and effective drug for this outbreak


Life style changes for the treatment of acne

You know what? Stress is main cause of acne and if you are getting enough sleep or balance sleep you will definitely overcome the stress that will very helpful for acne prone skin, as we mention above stress also develop the sebum on the face so it is necessary reduce stress by get appropriate sleep. You should take care of your diet too, include much of omega 3 fatty acid food decrease your risk of acne. In this era exercise also very helpful for fix acne. Exercise stimulating blood circulation and reduces the cysts. You should exercise daily

  • Use a good face cleanser
  • Use water-based makeup
  • Exercise daily
  • Clean your skin properly before going to bed
  • Live happily
  • Appropriate diet


These steps will be very helpful to preventing acne

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