Balayam yoga, natural way to get hair back


Balayam yoga is a natural technique which is responsible for hair growth and cure almost all hair problems. If done correctly, frequently and for longer period of time it will help in pumping. Pumping required for nutrition to the scalp and promote hair growth .

With the help of balayam yoga you can get amazing results for hair growth and can make your hair lustrous. Nail rubbing exercise can promote healthy hair, thick and dense.

It is an alternative reflexology therapy for hair growth which involves rubbing identical fingernails together with some amount of force.

How to do balayam yoga:

Start rubbing your finger nails vigorously as you can see in the picture

CurlĀ  the fingers as it to form a half first and rub the fingernails of each hand against each other briskly for five to ten minutes , remember to exclude the thumb.

You will feel a tingling sensation starting from your fingers and going up to your scalp. You can do this anywhere, in the office , in your house or whenever you free at anywhere.

As we know through the reflexology this motion gives the nerves under the nails a good amount of friction and because the nerves under the nail have a direct connection to the scalp. Friction produced in this action and it helps in stimulating the blood flow to scalp. It also increasing the oxygenation of the tissues , with big benefits for the hair roots.

The success of balayam yoga is depends upon the amount of force you apply while rubbing the nails. And you should remember that rub the nails not the fingers.

How to do balayam yoga:

Many researches believes that theĀ  fingernails are directly connected to the scalp and hair follicles. Regularly exercise of the balayam Yoga will strengthen the hair and increasing the blood flow to the roots.

The best to do balayam Yoga is early morning. With empty stomach balayam works greater. Empty stomach is helpful in the flow of blood. Hair growth becomes so easy with this technique on empty stomach.

If you done it right after eating, a lot of your body energy will be concentrated in the digestion system. It will be more difficult to get a blood flow to the scalp. So do this exercise on empty stomach.

But the pregnant women and the people with high blood pressure should not perform balayam as it may worsen their condition.

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